MSc students

  • Michelle Michau (current)
    Topic of study:
    Structural and logical properties of the Rado graph

  • Jean-Pierre de Villiers (current)
    Topic of study: First-order theories of complete ordered structures

Honours essay students

  • Michelle Michau, Coordinatisation of Projective Planes: The Relationship Between Algebraic Properties of a Ternary Ring and Geometric Properties of a Projective Plane, 2019

  • Jean-Pierre de Villiers, On the First-Order Theory of Binary Trees, 2018

  • Laurie Harrison, Secure Aggregation of Distributed Information: A New Form of Encryption Without the Use of Prime Numbers, 2015

  • Elre van Zyl, Secure Aggregation of Distributed Information: An Introduction, 2015

  • Daniela Casilli, Logically Equivalent Coloured Linear Orders, 2014

Topics for honours essays

The following topics are available for students who wish to write their honours essays under my supervision: