Teaching and tutoring experience at the University of Pretoria

First year courses

  • IAS 111 (Actuarial and Financial Mathematics in Practice)
    A course that introduces students to the profession of actuary. I was responsible for teaching basic propositional and first-order logic to these students.

  • WTW 114 (Calculus)
    An introductory first-year course in calculus covering limits, continuity, differentiation, and integration.

  • WTW 115 (Discrete Structures)
    An introductory first-year discrete mathematics course covering propositional and first-order logic, induction, set theory, and combinatorics.

  • WTW 126 (Algebra)
    A first-year algebra course covering vectors, coordinate geometry, systems of linear equations, matrices, complex numbers, and polynomials.

  • WTW 161 (Linear Algebra)
    A first-year algebra course for engineering students covering vectors, coordinate geometry, systems of linear equations, matrices, and complex numbers. I only presented tutorials in this course.

Second year courses

  • WTW 211 (Linear Algebra)
    A second-year course in linear algebra covering vectors in Euclidean space.

  • WTW 285 (Discrete Structures)
    A second-year course in discrete mathematics covering recursion, equivalence relations, graph theory, and automata theory.

Third year courses

  • WTW 381 (Abstract Algebra)
    An introductory course in abstract algebra covering groups, rings and fields. I only presented tutorials in this course.

  • WTW 385 (Discrete Structures)
    A third-year course in combinatorics covering generating functions, group actions, and Pólya enumeration theory.

  • WTW 389 (Geometry)
    A third-year course in axiomatic geometry covering incidence geometry, ordered geometry, absolute geometry, Euclidean geometry, and hyperbolic geometry.

Honours courses

  • WTW 731 (Algebra)
    An honours course in module theory.

Masters courses

  • WTW 888 (Special Topics: Model Theory)
    An introductory model theory course covering the Compactness Theorem, ultraproducts, elementary substructures, quantifier elimination, types, and saturated structures.

Teaching awards

  • In 2020 I was nominated by NAS House for the Best First-Year Lecturer and Best Senior Year Lecturer awards.

  • In 2020 I was awarded the EBIT House award for Best Online Lectures In a Service Module.

  • In 2017 I was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award by the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Pretoria.